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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Get You Away

                                                        Download/Listen HERE

And, for nor reason at all, here's an action pic (circa mid-60's) of Rich Guasco's stunningly beautiful "Pure Hell" Ford Bantam roadster, seen here employing a supercharged, fuel injected small block Chevrolet mounted ridiculously high off the ground to improve weight transfer.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Kosmic Vinyl

Back toward the end of my 15 minutes of fame when I was looking to record a follow-up to Mood Elevator I ended up recording Buzz Me In with a fellow known as Kosmo Vinyl producing. I'm sure it was my boy Clay Harper that hooked me up with Kosmo since Clay had recorded a series of 7 inchers with him, one of which I did the artwork for. Any of you that have read the comments section for this blog may recognize the name---Unlike most of the people I met during that period, I have managed to keep in contact with him and am honored he takes the time to post here occasionally.

I won't bother going in to any more detail about Kosmo myself  but suffice to say he's an intriguing personality with an interesting resume and a seemingly endless supply of fascinating anecdotes and stories. HERE is the Wikipedia thumbnail sketch of his life for the uninitiated--- 

   I will tell you that I had the pleasure of hosting Mr.Vinyl for approximately 30 hours this past week--- What would bring the fabulous Mr. Kosmo Vinyl to lil' ol' Athens, GA you ask?

  Despite having a computer and an email account, Kosmo is still big on sending old school postcards (y'know, through the U.S. mail)---and not just any postcards. You see Kosmo is an artist that makes his own postcards. His primary interest is collage and if you visit his blog HERE you can see the fabulous pieces he's been doing related to English football. Anyway, at some point a while back he suggested we have a sort of back-and-forth conversation using this medium, he with his collages and me with my pen and ink cartoony stuff. This we did (and continue to do) and then Kosmo had another idea---

Which brings us back to why Kosmo was in town. We were meeting with the folks at the Lyndon House which is a very nice gallery and arts center here in Athens and the reason for the meeting was to make plans and discuss our upcoming show entitled "To and Fro" . You see Kosmo suggested we take some of the better efforts from our postcard exchange and see if some gallery might consider letting us have a show. To our surprise and delight the people at the Lydon House liked the idea and gave us the green light. Cool huh?

  Anyone that is considering checking it out has almost a year to think about it since one has to set these things up wwaaayyyy in advance---however we do have dates. The work will be up and available for viewing on June 3rd, 2017. There will be a 'reception' for our show and the other exhibits (it's a fairly large gallery and has several shows going on simultaneously) on June 15th. Finally, on June 17th there will be a 'Q and A' session featuring Kosmo that should be very cool indeed.  

Plan ahead!

And of course I've put up another tune to listen/download/ignore HERE, this time a cover of a Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis song (via Bobsy Palmer natch)--- 

Friday, September 2, 2016

That's Everything


ADDENDUM: For those of you that have stumbled into the mysterious basement on previous occasions you know that I'm big on visiting the thrift shops in search of cheap vinyl to play on my hilarious stereo "system" (which consists of an ancient console augmented by a $20 turntable and a pair of $5 thrift shop speakers--- sound GREAT to me though!). It was a slow week on that front aside from one new acquisition (The Exciting Stonewall Jackson which is a damn solid slab of vintage C&W in the Hank Williams vein) so I just posted the obligatory tune and ran out to run some errands figuring on working some thrift shop stops into the agenda.

  Well, to my delight, today was one of those days when I was not met by the usual Mantovani and John Denver discs when I arrived at the Salvation Army--- Here's what I picked up: REM-Fables of The Reconstruction, Murmur, & Chronic Town---Hunters and Collectors-Fate---Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here---Rain Parade-Crashing Dream & Third Rail Power Trip---English Beat-Just Can't Stop It---Genesis-Trick of the Tail---Pouges- If I Should Fall From Grace With God---Prefab Sprout-Two Wheels Good---The Dream Academy---Aztec Camera-Love---The Wild Flowers-Dust---Richard & Linda Thompson-First Light---Dire Straits-Making Movies---Depeche Mode-Black Celebration---Ultravox-Lament---Squeeze-Sweets From A Stranger---Lloyd Cole-Rattlesnakes & Easy Pieces---Kate Bush-The Kick Inside---Heaven 17-How Men Are---Spooky Tooth-Spooky Two---Zephyr---Mozart-Greatest Hits (2 record set)

  Now to be honest I'm always more interested in the 60's-70's era and as you can see this is heavy on the 80's stuff HOWEVER---these records, aside from the Spooky Tooth and Zephyr, are in absolute MINT condition and---here's the best part---ALL this shit ran me a grand total of six dollars. SIX DOLLARS!!! Needless to say I will be hittin' the bourbon and doing some serious vinyl spinnin' over the holiday weekend! Hope y'all enjoy yours as well---

ADDENDUM ADDENDUM: Haven't made much progress on reviewing the contents of my haul yet---played the Zephyr record and got a kick out of it. Basically a big, blustery blues-rocky affair, singer Candy Givens is completely over the top, sort of a screechier, less subtle Janis Joplin (if that's even possible) but the star is guitarist Tommy Bolin who went on to join later, inferior line-ups of Deep Purple and the James Gang. Also spun the Spooky Tooth which is decent keyboard-based 60's stuff---didn't make much of an impression with just one spin, but I imagine I'll give it another listen---ditto for the Pouges---I imagine they were much better live, kind of hard to capture their trip on record.   The one  that did make an impression is the first Rain Parade record ( whose proper title is  Emergency Third Rail Power Trip)  which is sort of Byrds/Burrito Bros. with major dollops of Velvets and, I dunno', Strawberry Alarm Clock or something---quite good. On Amazon folks are listing prices in the $100 range for a nice example of this which makes me smile since I paid about 18 cents for my mint-condition copy---

Friday, August 26, 2016

Smorgas Bored

  While born in Mississippi and having spent the majority of my life in the South, I am at heart a Midwesterner.There is something comfortably haunting about the rural Midwest with it's expansive cornfields, broad skies, and sparse population. For no reason at all here are a few pics from Southern Illinois:

I've been listening to lots of cheap vinyl encompassing everything from The Fall to New Orleans Jazz, but very little Country and Western. Then the other day I spun Willie Nelson's superb What Can You Do To Me Now?  album ( which is really just a hodge podge of some of his '68-'72 output, but my God, some of the songs..."Wake Me Up When It's Over", "My Own Peculiar Way", "Permanently Lonely", "I Gotta' Get Drunk"...just fantastic IMO.) and now I can't stop writing 3rd rate Classic Country-wannabe songs including one called "Nail Me To Your Wall". Listen and/or download HERE.

And, just to be obnoxious I also uploaded an annoying instrumental I've decided to call "Nipple Sausage"---Endure that HERE.

Monday, August 22, 2016

There To Stare

                                                    Listen or download HERE

Monday, August 15, 2016

Learn Schmearn

 Okay, nothing about my stupid vinyl fetish (Hey, that makes it sound way more interesting than combing the Goodwill for a copy of Kinda Kinks dunnit?) EXCEPT to say I found a very clean copy of Keef's Talk Is Cheap for $2.50. I LOVE this record. LOVE IT!! When I first heard "Take It So Hard" I came very close indeed to shitting my damn pants! HUGE influence on the Liquor Cabinet and yeah, he does the JB rip-off, and the Al Green rip-off, and the Elvis rip-off---But they ABSOLUTELY work for me on every level and I won't listen to any nay-saying or party-pooping on the subject .NYET! Nip it in the bud! End O' discussion!

 Next up? I show you, the semi-loyal blog reader, how I'm looking out for your interests even when they conflict with my own!!

 I was rather nonplussed when my freebie file host Mediafire dropped their nifty media player feature where when you clicked on my link you could preview the tune. Once they dropped it y'all were forced to download the file of my little audio rat-droppings to listen to the damn thing and that just ain't rat---err, right. Right? Anyway, after trying a couple of embedded players that just didn't jibe with the ol' blogamadoodle's html nonsense, I've found a site where I can load my crap and you can listen to the damn thing without having to download it. Now mind ye. you can still download it but you don't have to. Isn't that just the most FANTASTIC thing you ever heard in your life??!! UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE!! SEND ME MONEY AND JEWELRY!!!!!!!

Ahem---go HERE to give 'er a try---

Monday, August 8, 2016

Lots O' My Wax And One O' My Trax

 Yes Virginia, I have a cheap vinyl problem---I just can't stop looking for and buying the stuff! If I see a thrift shop I just have look to to see what they've got. Here's a few recent finds: The Kinks-Soap Opera---I worship the Davies bros. & company and will shell out at least a buck for anything they've produced. That said, no one went further down the concept record rabbit hole to their artistic detriment than brother Ray. I suppose I like this better than Preservation Act II  but needless to say there are no "Waterloo Sunset"s on this thing. Piano Music of Erik Satie Vol. I-Aldo Ciccolina---I like this a lot. Look up Satie if you get a chance, he's a very interesting, eccentric character and his music reflects it. The Crusaders-Scratch---Smooth, mostly instrumental funky jazz. Not particularly in my wheelhouse but I sort of enjoyed their version of "Elenore Rigby". Smooth jazzy guitarist Larry Carlton guests and fits right in.  Johnnie Taylor-Best Of---I was familiar with "Who's Making Love" and his later disco hit "Disco Lady" but was otherwise unfamiliar with Mr. Taylor. This is a solid collection of his work on the Stax label and I will doubtlessly spin this many times. Feargal Sharkey-Wish --- I have dug The Undertones since I first heard "Teenage Kicks" when it was current, and when I recently discovered their "Positive Touch" album I thought it was a fantastic record, sort of their "Rubber Soul". So when I found this record by their lead singer Feargal Sharkey I snapped it up to see what Feargal could manage without the 'Tones. It should be noted that Feargal is an interesting singer with a hyper vibrato thing going on that one either appreciates or simply can't abide. Unfortunately, even for those of us that dig Feargal's skills Wish has very little to recommend it. Cloying 80's production and banal songs leave very little fo the Shark to work with. David Bromberg-Wanted Dead or Alive---Speaking of polarizing singers, luthier, super picker, and onetime Dylan sideman David Bromberg has one of those voices that  some folks find irritating. Luckily I'm cool with it so it doesn't get the way of my enjoying his instrumental prowess (especially on acoustic instruments) and his witty songwriting. I owned this in high school and particularly loved "The New Lee Highway Blues" and am happy to report that I still do. Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, and Keith Godchaux appear  but don't really effect the proceedings one way or the other. Leo Kottke- Dreams and All That Stuff--- For my money Leo is one of the most distinctive players to ever pick up an acoustic guitar and his 12 string work is just exceptional in every way. I can't imagine he ever made a record I couldn't appreciate on some level and that certainly holds true for this fine little collection. Bonus: the surrealistic, Pink Floydian cover art is fab. Harvey Mandel-Righteous---Call me crazy but this is the kind of record I love stumbling upon. I know Harv from his audition tune on the Stones Black and Blue and his stint with John Mayall but this record is far more eclectic than I would have imagined. The least interesting song here is in the 60's Blues Rock vein, which is what I thought the majority of the record would be devoted to, but I was pleasantly surprised to find an odd, mostly instrumental record with jazzy and psychedelic touches that put his guitar work in an appealing light. Nice.

 And, of course, I never let someone stumble into the mysterious basement without foisting some of my own original clap trap on them---so HERE ya' go---